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Bag Battle heats up with roundtable, Fred Meyer PDX bag ban

29 Jul

Confession. I almost always forget to take my reusable bags into the store with me. So I end up with far more plastic bags at home than my garbage can needs, or other uses require. Still, it’s good to know I have enough bags to carry all my guilt, even though I do recycle them.

They’re convenient, yes, but a pain in the butt — they break, they fly away, they clutter the environment. Recycling them seems like such a futile exercise, because thousands somehow also find their way down river, into the ocean, into the mouths of fish, wrapped around birds, cluttering up life in unsightly and lethal ways.

Paper or plastic? I always think, paper. But I often answer, plastic (because you can tie the handles and keep your oranges from rolling all over the trunk, for one thing). You know how it goes.

So it’s been interesting to watch the acceleration of efforts to ban plastic bags in Oregon. DeLona Campos-Davis of Small Planet Trading in Hood River wrote about it on her store blog. Environment Oregon is leading the charge. And the Kroger Corp., parent to Fred Meyer, got headlines this week with news that it would ban plastic bags at its Portland-area stores.

I’ll be exploring this issue further — talking with proponents and opponents — but wanted to let you know first about a roundtable discussion planned for Aug. 4 at the Springhouse Cellar in Hood River.Brock Howell, state policy advocate for Environment Oregon, will lead the discussion at 6:30 p.m.

Share your views here, and/or take the poll.


Want to support “fair trade”? You could buy Small Planet Trading

15 Jul

The remaining partner in Small Planet Trading: Gifts and Goods from the Global Village is looking for a buyer to carry on the vision of providing a “fair trade” link between producers of hand-crafted products and appreciative consumers.

DeLona Campos-Davis, with friends Amy Hassett, Pamela Larsen, and Karen Murphy, started Pachamama as a holiday gift store out of the Columbia Gorge Ecology Center in 2003.

They opened full-time as Small Planet in the Oak Mall, behind Bette’s Place, in 2005, then shifted to their current location at 202 Cascade Ave. Suite B in 2008 when Ikote Beads headed south to the corner of 3rd and Oak (now home to Underpinnings).

Along the way, Hassett and Larsen dropped away and Shannon Knapp joined as a partner. Knapp left a year ago, and Murphy is now pursuing other ventures, so Campos-Davis thinks it might be time for fresh blood. She talks about some of the thinking that led to the sale decision at her blog.

She’s asking $69,000 for the business. A buyer would take over a lease that has two years remaining at $650 a month, plus utilities.

In exchange, a new owner would get a turn-key operation with an established network of local artists and global talent connected through regional wholesalers certified by the Fair Trade Federation.

“For us, it’s a philosophy of doing business that takes into account the people and the planet,” Campos-Davis says.

Sustainability, in short.

“This is perfect for the social entrepreneur. You can own a business that makes a difference.”

She says the store isn’t closing. She will provide all training to a buyer. Campos-Davis says she also is open to new investor-partners.

“I’m open to creative opportunities,” she says.

Interested? Drop an e-mail, or phone her at 541-387-2008.

A roundup of stray — but useful — stuff

19 Feb

New designer — print and web — in town? Well, new to me. Dorothy Bacchilega has been here four years, after relocating from Ventura, Calif., and does some nice work. Need a brochure, simple, easy-to-use web site, logo? Call her at 541-386-5803 after checking out work at her site … Small Planet Trading at 202 Cascade Ave. has added a frequent customer card to its arsenal. Co-owner DeLona Campos-Davis will give you a card, and every time you spend $10, you fill in one of 12 spots on the back, and when the card is full, you get 30% off your next purchase. Plus, each $10 purchase gets you entered for a $10 gift certificate drawing … Want a family or individual portrait that doesn’t look like something from NORCOR? Call Denise Rehse Watson at 541-436-2755 for some nice work. Check her portfolio out at Photosensitive Portraits … If you like to keep it local, and you need credit card processing payment services, call Brian Lauterbach at NXGEN Payment Services, in The Dalles, but at 503-858-5010 on the phone … Do you want tolearn more (I do) about the prospect of Google providing 1 gigabyte optic fiber connectivity — to YOUR HOME! OMG, I am SO there. (Sorry, I got a little carried away with myself). Anyway, I’ll try to report more here when I know it, but to hear it from the horse’s mouth, attend the City Council meeting at 6 p.m. Monday, Feb. 22, to hear Dave Russell of Summit Projects talk about the experimental Google program, and how communities can apply to be among the first. O-M-G (I just love acting like an idiot, and I don’t even text).