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Yes, there IS space available in downtown Hood River

10 Sep

Thanks to Greg Colt of Colt Listing Service, here’s a run-through of space available in downtown Hood River. You know you want to be there. So, get there. Oh, yeah. Call Greg at 541-490-1175 if you’re interested.



ADDRESS                 DESCRIPTON                      SQ FT                        $/SF            RENT/MO

112 Oak                      2nd Story Office/Open            4500                1.00     $4500

Above Plush/Taco Del Mar

112 Oak                      Retail Store Front/Mezz         4000                1.00     $4000


207 Third                    Retail Store Front/office         1600                1.25     $2000

Former Law Office

213 Third                    Lower Level Open                  5000                0.50     $2500

Basement Van Metre

315 Oak                      Paris Fair Building/Retail 5500

Annz Panz

416 Oak                      Oak Mall                                 1200

101 Fourth                  Below Grade Office

Old Cast Theater

208 Fourth                  Sub Par Retail/Office              1200

Diggity Dog

102 Fifth                     Retail/Office/Bakery 1650                0.73     $1200


116 Oak                      Prime Retail Corner                4500                1.50     $6750

Discover Bike

115 Second                  Below Grade Retail                 1200                1.00     $1200

Basement under Discover


A big corner goes looking for business

14 May

Spoke today with North Cheatham, owner of the old Paris Fair building at the corner of 4th and Oak Street, as he was posting up a sign advertising his main level space for lease. He says he has a couple of somewhat serious lookers, but nothing firm yet to replace Annz Panz, which is done with its closeout sale. This is a key location for downtown, and could be a major traffic builder. If you know of anyone looking for a roomy space — one with a nice kitchen already in place — send them to North at 541-386-6784. We asked North to share details about his space, so we could share it with you. Once we get info, we will pass it on.