Now THIS is local produce

23 Jul

Much written of late about the marketing of certain produce by Safeway, as “local.” In the news business, local was always one of those words that meant nothing, because everything is local, to the place where people encounter it. So it’s safe for Safeway to say it’s fruit is local, because it was grown at a locale, and picked by local workers, and shipped to a locale that is local to the … locals.

OK, we’ ve beat that horse. But in terms of sustainability — that is, how does the product support the local economy, and the environment, and the community — food grown as close to its consumers is what works best. And the Gorge Grown Food Network is our shining light. Not only does it serve up the weekly Farmer’s Market at the Midde School, but it takes its mission on the road, so it can be more local. Learn all about it here, with the current newsletter. Better yet, sign up.

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